This week’s observations




Life is just funny sometimes. This week was particularly entertaining. I present you with some observations, in the present perfect* tense:

  • Exhibit A: You still don’t speak like the English. As evidenced when you asked a colleague “How did you find France?” and he thought you were asking him how he physically found it (i.e. using a map) as opposed to what his impressions actually were about it.
  • Exhibit B: Your cats are not as old as you think they are.  As evidenced by the shreds of paper towel you found in the bathtub last night.
  • Exhibit C: You should not touch your face after reading the Metro newspaper in the Tube. As evidenced by the fact you looked like a coal miner when you got home.
  • Exhibit D: You should get more rest on weekends**. As evidenced by the fact that you spent all day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday.
  • Exhibit E: Your world will be crushed when people tell you both Bono and Deborah Messing are “reportedly” prima donas. As evidenced by the fact that you are still recovering because your favorite song in high school was “With or Without You” and you still wish you lived in an episode of “Will & Grace”. (Update: You refuse to believe it.)
  • Exhibit E: Take note of the following: Ken Burns’ New Documentary on the Roosevelts; When Jenna Lyons took over JCrew’s Twitter feed during Fashion Week; Mindy Kaling in 2012; My Drunk Kitchen meets Jamie Oliver; Gilmore Girls on Netflix

*I had to google which tense this was. All those years of English grammar classes…
**This is what blogging looks like when sleep deprived.

In other news, this photo was taken at one of my favorite London summer spots: the sandy banks of Gabriel’s Wharf on the Southbank. You never know what you are going to see when you pass.

Sintra, Portugal (ii)



Pena Palace / Jess-On-Thames

After teasing you with the story of the walk up Sintra’s mountain/hill/seeHughGrantmovieforappropriatereference, I thought you may enjoy a glimpse of Pena Palace’s interior.

The Palace is so high up that you can enter it under blue skies and exit in a cloud. It is a fantastical place of colours and tiles, courtyards and painted ceilings. Born in Germany, the Palace’s creator Ferdinand II, had family connections to Austria, Slovakia, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Mexico. An artist himself, Ferdinand welcomed many artists of the day to the Palace and it is full of trompe-l’oeil vaulted paintings.

I found myself getting fixed on the tiny details everywhere.

Entrance to Pena Palace, Sintra / Jess-On-Thames

Interior courtyard in Pena Palace, Sintra / Jess-On-Thames

Pena Palace / Jess-On-Thames

Elephant in Pena Palace / Jess-On-Thames

Details in Pena Palace, Sintra / Jess-On-Thames

Pena Palace, Sintra / Jess-On-Thames

Violin at Pena Palace, Sintra / Jess-On-Thames

Pena Palace, Sintra / Jess-On-Thames

Window at Pena Palace, Sintra / Jess-On-Thames

Details from Pena Palace, Sintra / Jess-On-Thames

For even more beautiful pictures of the Palace, check out Pena’s website here.

Looking up in Brussels



Grand place rooftops

Grand place looking up 2

Brussels church B&W

Le Mercier

Angles on the grand place

Palace ceiling

Sablon statue

Brussels palace ceiling

Brussels rooftops

Here is a friendly tip for anyone traveling to the city of chocolate and beer… LOOK. UP.

Note: my next post will likely be about how one should not try to attempt to see everything Brussels has to offer in a whirlwind dash around town while also attempting to catch up with ten years worth of friends. Or one will begin the week after with both social and cultural whiplash.

Pictures from: Grand Place / Eglise Notre Dame des Riches Claires / La Mercerie Tea Room / Royal Palace / Place du Petit Sablon / Place de L’Albertine

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