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Super, Pretty, Funny n°46



Palm tree // Jess-On-Thames


Pretty much sums up this week. Had an impossible time recovering from holiday (see above), realised how hard it is to do the social media thing when my phone is still broken and I’m just going to say it: I am ready for Christmas. Probably because I’ve cried at the John Lewis ad now about 5 times. (Ok, 10 times… they keep showing it!)

Here’s what has been keeping me (somewhat) sane this week.


Life on the edge of a desert in Chile

Norway’s passports are now cooler than yours

I finally bought wellies. Biker wellies. My transition to life in the UK is complete.

Its been a bit controversial this week, but I still love this project.


Some coat envy

Feeling like a grown up kid watching this trailer. (See also: Cate Blanchett. See also: Rob Stark. See also: directed by Kenneth Branagh.)

Loving Margot’s blog redesign


A Thanksgiving controversy. First, the New York Times published this. And then a ranty Minnesotan responded.

Big Grace Helbig fan. That girl is funny.

Meryl as Julia. The best.

Ups and downs with the Internet



Black rhino

As much as I absolutely adore the internet, I find it often sends me on a roller coaster of an emotional ride.

Case in point: Yesterday.

Exhibit A: The building dancers

I started the day off watching this. Its essentially the video dancing equivalent of holding a puppy on a gorgeous summer’s day when you are a kid. Its that peaceful and wonderful a thing to watch.

Exhibit B: Joan Smalls “likes” everything

Then I watched this fun little Vogue short that made me feel like I just want to go around liking all the wonderful things I love in the world. Its a lighthearted, endearing thought that you could leave a little heart wherever you go.

Exhibit C: John Oliver takes down Miss America

This afternoon, the seriousness started to come out. I am quickly becoming convinced that John Oliver’s show is one of my favorite things happening back in the States.

As funny as this segment is, it is depressing/outdated/insertyourtermforithere to think about John’s take home message that Miss America is one of the largest sources of female scholarships… he gives some suggestions of other organisations, including US-based SWE, Patsy Mink Foundation or the Jeanette Rankin Foundation you can donate to.

(At the same time, the fact that there are people like John Oliver writing stories like these gives me some hope…)

Exhibit D: We’ve lost 50% of the world’s wildlife population in 40 years

And then the internet broke my heart. WWF released this report yesterday outlining losses to lion, elephant, tiger and many other animal populations since the 1970s. My clicking also led me to discover their environmental footprint calculator. You can work out how your daily routine affects the planet and the results are shocking. I encourage everyone to take this quiz. We only have one planet. And so many of us are living like we have more.

The WWF report sent me spiraling back to last year on safari in South Africa when, speeding towards our camp for the evening which closed at sundown, we ground to a halt at the sight of a black rhino silhouette on the horizon. Everywhere we went in South Africa, there were signs telling us that future generations probably wouldn’t see a rhino. Poaching is one threat. This report convinced me that my lifestyle is another.

Attempt at a conclusion during what feels like whiplash

So I guess the simple conclusion to all of this is… I love you, Internet, but at the end of the day, you often make me exhausted.

I’ve laughed and I’ve smiled. I’ve been reduced to tears and inspired to make a difference.

You are one powerful thing.

Vogue Fashion Night Out



Vogue 1

There’s something about Vogue that makes your ears immediately perk up and pay attention.

At least, that’s what happened to me when I  saw the invitation come into my mailbox, along with a little squeal of excitement. Once a year, Vogue partners up with a slew of Regent and Oxford Street shops & department stores to host a late night of fashion celebration, music, quite a few cocktails and fun after dark. I finally got to meet the lovely and hilarious Amanda from Rhyme and Ribbons who had also received an invite and we battled the after-work Tube crowds to see what it was all about.

To tell you the truth, not being fashion bloggers, we wandered around a bit aimlessly. But that was half the fun and I loved never knowing what we were going on find around the next corner…

…there was body painting by MAC at Selfridges (featuring two hilarious models who were dancing to “Sexy and I Know It” as we walked by…the perfect attitude when you are practically naked in the middle of a department store for 5 hours), music from The Fireflies at Superdry, show-stealing Scottish terriers from Radley and BBC1 celebrity DJ Jameela Jamil at House of Frasier (who I loved for her soundtrack that sent me back to my high school mixer days – above). We got to sample coconut cocktails from Mahiki (which this newly London expat learned is the club for young English royals. No, there were no Harry sightings. But seriously, coconut rum with mint and  ginger beer…try it.)

Vogue 5

Vogue 4

Vogue 6

Vogue 3

Vogue 2

But my favorite part (and this is where you see that – despite my love for Vogue – I am not a fashion blogger) may have been when we snuck up to the empty Selfridges housewares floor to stage a mini photo shoot for Amanda and her awesome Not So British Bake Off series. Read it – its amazing.

Vogue 7

Amanda, you make for an excellent Fashion-Night-Out-partner-in-crime. And thank you Vogue, for a fun night out.

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