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Super, Pretty, Funny no 36



Let’s be honest. There was a four day weekend (which already seems so far away…) and during the rainy bits, many of us spent a good chunk of that time on the internet. Here are some of my favorite finds to to get you through the rest of the week.


Sheryl Sandberg speaking at The Guardian last week. Equally, The Confidence Gap – and similar movements that try to close it

This book is going on my reading list. (After I finally finish Wolf Hall, “the book that lasts forever…”)

The rituals of NYTimes writers in Europe

Emma’s post on our outing to Hampstead Heath on Saturday. “Zone 2, represent.”

This place.


All of Jay’s pictures from Italy this past week

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Selby’s latest book on fashion


I know this is old, but some of us are lobbying for Jimmy Fallon to be shown nightly on TV in the UK (ahem, join me in my crusade). His Game of Thrones parody earlier this year was hilarious.

Why there aren’t more scientific studies on cats

Super, Pretty, Funny no 35



I haven’t pulled one of these posts together in months. And I usually publish them on Friday but life has been mental and I am running behind. That said, there was simply too much goodness out there on the internet not to share it. So without further ado, here is a new Super, Pretty, Funny roundup.


Ellen invites the Target photo-shopped model to stop by her show… as only Ellen could.

Alternative endings to How I Met Your Mother

The British Library

Web-docs such as this one by The New York Times on Highrises or this one by NPR on the Mexican-American border. Such a great new approach to sharing information. Its like choose your own adventure for grown-ups.


The wickedly talented Alison writes a love letter to Belgium

A charming little film about JCrew’s colour schemes (featuring Luigi).

What a Wonderful World with David Attenborough

Julia Hofmann’s photography on safari in Botswana

The Scottish Highlands by Cereal


Mindy Kaling doing anything. But especially when she visits Vogue.

The Les Mis showdown on The Actor’s Studio

Photo by JessonThames – taken a few weeks ago at Kew Gardens.

The best Eton Mess in London



Full disclosure: I have only had Eton Mess – that quintessential English dessert that looks like a chef went finger painting in a kitchen with some strawberries, cream and crushed meringue – a few times.

But I may have just fallen in love. With the Eton Mess at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho.

My dinner buddy and I were talking about the differences in dining in a city like London compared to smaller European cities like Brussels. Brussels has wonderful, affordable restaurants with great food from all over the world (ahem…except for Mexican – I will continue to gripe until it gets some.) But London has a dining experience factor that is hard to rival. The decor, the presentation, the little gimmicks, the service can be incredible.

And that’s what it was like walking into Bob Bob Ricard. The staff looked like they belonged in a Wes Anderson film. The cocktails were perfectly mixed and presented with a flourish. The menu was supposed to straddle luxury English & Russian cuisine (I don’t even know what that means… I did see lobster macaroni & cheese on the menu however which I don’t really consider to be either).

But then… the Eton Mess came out.

OK, this is isn’t a picture of the Eton Mess. But it is very similar! Eton Mess usually looks (fittingly) like a mess. This was gorgeous. A pinkish ball perfectly placed in the centre of the plate, with little strawberry cubes and tiny fresh mint leaves scattered across the plate. They pour a strawberry and cream sauce over the top. And when you crack it open, whipped cream, mixed bits of fruit and sorbet are waiting for you on the inside. It was heavenly.

I’d heard of Bob Bob Ricard before because the booths have little buttons in them where you can press a button for champagne. Due to an early start the next morning I couldn’t take advantage, but I can attest to the fact they make a mean Black Cherry Amaretto Sour…

To be repeated.

Photography by Paul Winch-Furness for Bob Bob Ricard.

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