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Headed to Amsterdam



Mayfair fountain

My bags are packed and I am off for a long weekend* in Amsterdam this afternoon!

What are my expectations for Amsterdam, you ask? Stereotypically, I’m going to answer clogs, cheese, “special brownies”, lots of tall people and gorgeous architecture.

Less stereotypically, I’m still hoping for clogs and cheese and know I’m going to be blown away by the architecture. I love cities built on water so I can’t wait to wander the canals and just get lost. I can’t wait to explore the Rijksmuseum and find the stunning doll’s house featured in a favorite recent read The Miniaturist. I’d like to find some great design shops. I want to dig into the history of the city a bit.

What am I worried about? My Dutch vocabulary extends to three words: alstublieft (“you’re welcome”), kip (chicken) and brotautomat (kind of like an ATM for bread). I know what I’ll be studying on the plane…

What am I most excited about? We’re staying on a houseboat :)

More when I return. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on things to see or places to visit, please do not hesitate to send them my way!

*Things that happen to you when you live in England. Many people will call a long weekend a “mini-break” which is adorable, but which only makes me think about Bridget Jones.

**Other things that happen when you live in England and leave on the day of the Scottish referendum vote: you’re not sure you’re going to come back to the same country you’re leaving… its a very odd thought.

Photo of Tadao Ando’s “Silence” fountain in front of the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair. Ando is one of Japan’s leading architects and his beautiful granite fountain silently (and beautifully) mists every 15 minutes.




Leaving Sardinia

I’ve had a lot of conversations this weekend about travel. Maybe that’s because I’m feeling more settled in the UK now and getting those itchy feet to hit the road again. Or maybe its because I’ve seen a lot of great things over the years. Either way, I took a little trip down memory lane today and remembered (again) how lucky I am to be able to travel.

Here are some of my favorite shots (quite a few before I had a proper camera and had a penchant for cutting off the tops of buildings…)


Walla Walla


Northern Italy

St Andrews




South Africa 2



Valley of Desolation



Longleat 1


San Francisco


Parc Quell

Florida rain

San Francisco art


What this series clearly tells me is: I need to go to Asia… Japan, anyone?

A little photo selection from: Sardinia / Portofino / Washington State / Ghent / Northern Italy / St Andrews, Scotland / Madrid / Paris / Cornwall / Kruger National Park / Rome / Howth, Ireland / Valley of Desolation / Strasbourg / Krakow / Longleat, England / Barcelona / Golden Gate Bridge / Portsmouth / Parc Guell / Fort Myers Beach, Floria / San Francisco / Cascade Mountains.

This week’s observations




Life is just funny sometimes. This week was particularly entertaining. I present you with some observations, in the present perfect* tense:

  • Exhibit A: You still don’t speak like the English. As evidenced when you asked a colleague “How did you find France?” and he thought you were asking him how he physically found it (i.e. using a map) as opposed to what his impressions actually were about it.
  • Exhibit B: Your cats are not as old as you think they are.  As evidenced by the shreds of paper towel you found in the bathtub last night.
  • Exhibit C: You should not touch your face after reading the Metro newspaper in the Tube. As evidenced by the fact you looked like a coal miner when you got home.
  • Exhibit D: You should get more rest on weekends**. As evidenced by the fact that you spent all day yesterday thinking it was Wednesday.
  • Exhibit E: Your world will be crushed when people tell you both Bono and Deborah Messing are “reportedly” prima donas. As evidenced by the fact that you are still recovering because your favorite song in high school was “With or Without You” and you still wish you lived in an episode of “Will & Grace”. (Update: You refuse to believe it.)
  • Exhibit E: Take note of the following: Ken Burns’ New Documentary on the Roosevelts; When Jenna Lyons took over JCrew’s Twitter feed during Fashion Week; Mindy Kaling in 2012; My Drunk Kitchen meets Jamie Oliver; Gilmore Girls on Netflix

*I had to google which tense this was. All those years of English grammar classes…
**This is what blogging looks like when sleep deprived.

In other news, this photo was taken at one of my favorite London summer spots: the sandy banks of Gabriel’s Wharf on the Southbank. You never know what you are going to see when you pass.

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